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We Are#1 In The World Of Smart devices

We are a movement company. It’s who we’ve been since  founded teratech and earned patents on some of the first ergonomics and mounting arms. His legacy carries on in our core values and inspires meaningful innovations that help employees feel and work at their best through movement. With four decades of industry experience, we are positioned to continue moving our customers forward as they face the challenges of today.

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20+ years of service in the Smart Devices

We are incredibly flat, open, and innovative. No never-ending meetings. No lengthy processes. We provide a friendly and collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged to flourish.


We started from 2001

Teratech’s got talent! Friendly competitions let the Mi team show off their athletic prowess in bask- etball, swimming, badminton and more. Our annual “Mi Idol” has also uncovered plenty of star potential.


Our mission is to provide the best quality.

Teratech is focused on being the most user-centric mobile internet company, and we aim to constantly exceed expectations through innovations in software, hardware and services. Many of our employees were initially fans of Mi products, before they decided to join us. Our team is not only passionate about technology, but also relentlessly pursues perfection to break tradition and push boundaries, all just to ensure that our products remain unique and offer an unparalleled user experience.


Your Success Is Our Top Priority

As a listed company and the youngest Fortune 500 Company, Teratech Corporation (the “Company” or “Teratech”) has developed footprint in the international arena. Compliance management is becoming increasingly important for the sustainable development of the Company. Compliance management is a top priority for Teratech and the Company has established a series of policies and procedures with respect to employee behaviors:


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Teratech Safety & Investigation Department (SID) is the only department to collect integrity reports of Teratech Corporation and is in charge of following up and taking actions on whistle-blowing reports globally. SID conducts independent, objective and fair investigation towards reported issues, and proposes disciplinary actions against misbehaved employees or business partners to the responsible departments based on the investigation results and applicable policies of the Company. SID aims to establishing a robust fraud risk management mechanism globally to facilitate daily businesses, prevent fraud, ensure compliance bottom-line, improve risk prevention system and provide safeguard for long-term development of the Company.

Confidentiality management: Information received from the system will be processed with strict confidentiality and communicated only on a need-to-know basis in accordance with Teratech Information Security Policy. During the course of the investigation, the investigation team is not allowed to disclose any information to any external parties without the written authorization from SID.

Whistle-blower Protection Policy: According to Whistle-blower Protection Policy of Teratech Corporation, Teratech is committed to the confidentiality of whistle-blower information. Teratech does not tolerate any form of retaliation against bona fide whistle-blowers. If discovered, Teratech will thoroughly investigate and appropriately respond to any retaliation act.

Violation penalty: Any retaliation act will be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal in case of serious violation.

After you submit the report, your report will be reviewed and replied via . You could send email to to track the progress of your report.

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