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Teratech‘s wide range of smart home products is designed to efficiently balance your daily lifestyle with more comfort, convenience, safety and security. It is also provide peaceful joy in your life and ambitious environment in your home.


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Growing a successful business is so meaningful and we have no reason to doubt collaboration, communication, and cooperation are the essential things to being successful. We’d love to building and strengthening the cooperative relationship with our clients, instead of just dealing with them. We can proudly say CEVO cares our staff, our clients, and our future.

eramic atomizing core technology​

eramic atomizing core technology

intelligent oil filling space design

eramic atomizing core technology

oil isolation technology

eramic atomizing core technology

temperature control technology

eramic atomizing core technology


Quick Lead Time

Highly responsive to allow customers to start any project anytime and manage it well. 你好 我要卖lsdkflsjd

Strictest Quality Control

From development to production, every step has a strict product inspection and control.

Product Development

Well-planned product line ups, backed by industry expertise.

Considerate Service

team is professional throughout every step of a new vape product.

R&D Capabilities

A group of professional R&D engineers and material research engineers.

Consistent Perfomance

Great consistency in every puff and an enjoyable vape experience.

let your home be smart

Be in control, that’s how you roll! Smart

A simple plug and use system, our app is a long-term investment that will allow for easy customisation to meet the ever-changing needs of your household. Be it automating controls, scheduling daily routines, or having convenient shared access amongst the whole family, we grant you the control for the smarter life you deserve. Speak to us to find out more about Singaporean’s preferred smart home brand!

Superior IoT security

complies with domestic and international information security standards as well as privacy and compliance requirements, and works with independent third-party security services to validate and secure the compliance and security of the Tuya IoT Platform.


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